Extracurricular activities

Our proposal seeks to innovate, while providing the children with fun and nourishing activities in cultural and social harmony with their environment. We offer a variety of possibilities to all the members of the community, all of them in line with the curiosity which is inherent to children in pre-school and primary education stages.

Bio-dance (3-12 years old)

A practical activity allowing children to experience freedom of movement from the contact with their emotions and pleasure. They will use their body to gain awareness of the world surrounding them, to express themselves, to channel feelings, and for their own enjoyment.

Benefits: Children gain confidence in improvisation, awareness of their own bodies, volume, weight and motor coordination.Bio-dance encourages balanced emotions and it even helps do away with shyness and fear. It increases musical sensitivity, and it is healthy and fun.

Acrobatic gymnastics(3-12 years old)

This body control gymnastic activity introduces children to the development of muscle strength, flexibility, balance and coordination through movements and postures practised both individually and in groups.

Benefits: It helps to correct bad posture, increases self-confidence and security, and promotes balance and concentration. It teaches the importance of teamwork, camaraderie and respect for others while contributing to the development of a sense of harmony and esthetics.

Capoeira (3-12 years old)

This is a unique, comprehensive martial art combining self-defence, dance, acrobatics, and music.

Benefits: Capoeira improves motor coordination, balance and flexibility. It also helps children interpret and organise the information in their field of vision, while helping them manage their emotions towards a feeling of safety and managetime and space in one single movement. The result is a less inhibited and more self-confident child.

Yoga for children (3-11years old)

Through the ancient practice of yoga, children become aware of their bodies, they exercise their breathing, learn to be still, and learn the relationship between all these elements. Yoga offers tools allowing children to manage stressful and conflictive situations through self-observation and concentration.

Benefits: Yoga encourages the search for balance and harmony as a foundation for a happy and healthy adulthood. Good both for restless or active children and for shy or embarrassed children, yoga helps channel their energy and enhances their self-esteem. Children acquire tools for concentration, observation, love and respect for the world around them.

Theatre (3-12 years old)

Any child can do theatre, innate abilities are not required. Children taking this activity will not only have fun, invent and interpret stories,but they will also learn how to work in teams, respect their peers’ limits and times, express themselves with their own voices and bodies, and develop their memory and mental agility. Theatre also helps children remember dialogues and tongue twisters, improving and promoting their diction and self-confidence.

Montessori accessible to all (3-11years old)

We open our doors to children from other schools who wish to experience this educational proposal, either as a support for their learning or as a life experience. Children experience materials and methodologies allowing them to connect with their inner guide and their interests, complementing conventional learning in traditional schools more actively and participatively.

Crafts workshop (3-11years old)

This is an activity designed for children to experience the different trades in our society: carpentry, agriculture, pottery, cooking… They will learn their jargons, skills, features and facts, all of this structured around a final project.

Benefits: Children gain confidence in their environment, understand the manufacturing processes of things around them, and learn to systematise processes, manipulate tools and channel their creativity.

For parents and babies: Infant Massage Shantala (1 month-1 year old)

The Shantala is an ancient Indian massage technique which enhances the bond between the baby and the mother, providing physical and mental wellbeing to both.

Benefits for the baby: Massages for babies entail many benefits. This massage has a physiologically positive effect on the nervous system, motor skills, and respiratory, gastric, circulatory, immune, lymphatic and muscular systems. It relaxes the baby and its mother, induces sleep and strengthens the emotional ties.

Extracurricular activities


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